Beauty salon in Beeston, Nottingham

Return to work update


Just a quick update:

I am wanting to be able to open the salon and to get back to work ASAP and will of course be tuning in to watch Boris on Sunday, hoping for him to tell us a plan of action for coming out of lockdown as well as a time scale for the Hair and  Beauty industry to be able to reopen.

Whilst waiting for guidance I have already started working on my back to work plan. There is lots to think about as there will be a “new way” for things to be done and things will be different, I’m sure, but pleased be reassured that myself and Debbie (who owns the clinic) will be working closly together to meet whats needed to be done and put into place.

I am sure things will be very different at first, and like most people returning to work, I will have to start slowly to make sure I keep everyone safe and get things right but I know that together we will get there and that the salon will hopefully be up and running again as soon as possibly can be.

Keep safe and hopefully I shall see you again soon.