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Dreamweave Mascara

Dreamweave logoEffortless Beauty is proud to announce that it is now is the exclusive stockist in Beeston of the amazing dreamweave mascara.

This fantastic product gives you a false eye lash look without the painstaking time of having false lashes applied in a salon, costs just a fraction of the price and won’t damage your natural eye lashes. In fact one of the products stimulates and conditions weak lashes within 15 days, so actually helping your natural lashes to grow in strength.


Dreamweave Lashconstruct Mascara

Dreamweave Lashconstruct MascaraDreamweave & Co have developed a brand new system using ‘WIDE LASH’™ technology that will thicken and nourish the root and stem in 15 days.


When Dreamweave mascara is applied it gives a weightless lengthening and flexible flutter with no smudges, clumps or panda eyes. With its ‘go to bed’ formulation you can wake up and still be mascared.

Only £14.99




Dreamweave Lash Magnet Mascara

Dreamweave Lash Magnet MascaraDreamweave Lash extension magnet mascara Silky Magnetic nylons in a tube. The newest mascara to date, this amazing new improved formula, using the original silicone mixed with nylon, to stretch each lash with a silky nylon coating, providing the wearer with the nearest thing to professional lash extensions.

Dubbed the ‘eyelash extension in a tube’ by the press, it coats each lash with a silicone, lash lengthening, locking wrap, giving the wearer a dramatically longer and completely smudge free flutter which lasts. This new generation mascara has a flexible wand which sweeps through the lashes effortlessly creating a dramatic effect.

A hot favourite of celebrities and TV make-up artists this wonder product is set to revolutionize the mascara industry.

Only £12.99



Take a look at (and purchase) the Dreamweave Lashconstruct Mascara and Lash Magnet Mascara in the salon today!









Wow Brows - Brow Therapy

Wow BrowsWow Brows is a semi-permanent, salon only eyebrow powder.

Wow Brows Brow Therapy is designed to give a rich colour payout, this soft, micro-fone powder is water resistant and contains no mineral oil. Available in five beautiful powder shades.

The powder creates both volume and colour. Volume, not just colour, is badly needed in sparse areas. Colour alone (using pencils) can look too harsh.

Most people truly won’t know what you have done. Expect to hear “What have you done to your hair?”

Only £15.00