Happy New Year/Closed due to Tier 4


Whilst this isn’t the way I (along with many others) was intending to spend my New Years Eve or to be entering into the New Year, I would just like to take a moment to wish you a Happy New Year.

As always thank you for all your kindness, continued support and well wishes that you have given me through mine and Effortless Beauty’s most challenging year yet!

Take Care, stay safe and cheers to moving onwards and upwards as we move into 2021.

Unfortunately I will not be opening the salon as planned, for January, due to us now being placed into Tier 4.
Anyone that has bookings already in place for January, will be contacted directly by myself.

The next review date is January 13th so as soon as I know any more information as well as a re opening date then I shall inform everyone, this will happen via an email, update here on the news page as well as being posted to the salon Facebook Page.

I look forward to returning to the salon and I shall see you all soon.
Lucy x