Beauty salon in Beeston, Nottingham


Today, June 1st is a day for me to celebrate as Effortless Beauty has reached its 10th year anniversary!

I can remember the very first day that I opened, and that I went home in tears after only having done 2 eyebrow shapes and thinking what on earth have I done, yet fast forward 10 years and it was the very best decision that I made, and I am so pleased that I took the leap of faith to open my own little salon.

A lot has happened in the past 10 years, in general and in my in my personal life, to which I have shared with you, my lovely clients, that are in fact now more like friends than clients.

A visit to the beauty salon may seem to some its” to just to get a treatment done”  but to you and me we know its so much more, it can be for a pampering or a essential treatment, yet all treatments in one way or another make you feel better about yourself. The beauty industry is so much more than how we make you look. Its about hearing about your life, your up and downs, your joys and sorrows. We share plenty of laughter, celebrate together and share dreams and memories as well as, of course, have a good old moan about anything and everything. I feel that you have shared many special times with me over the years and I know about your family and personal life, so I thought I would recap some of my special times from the past 10 years with you:

*June 2010: Opened the salon within the Gym on Wollaton Road in Beeston
*May 2011: Introduced the Callus peel treatment into the salon
*October 2011: Celebrated my 30th Birthday
*November 2011: Moved premises from within the Gym to within the Caritas Clinic on Chilwell Road in Beeston and introduced Lava Shellmassage into the salon
*March 2012  – July 2015: Survived the Tram extension works throughout Beeston and the main road outside the Clinic/salon being totally closed
*May 2012: Purchased my smart car and had the salon logo printed on it
*September 2012: Closed the salon for the first time to go on holiday to Turkey on my own
*December 2012: Met Al
*October 2013 – September 2014: Moved house 3 times in just under a year!
*June 2013: Launched WOW Brow product into the salon
*May 2014: Launched Dreamweave mascara into the salon
*September 2014: Moved into our new house that has now become our family home and Al proposed
*April 2015: Won the I love Beeston small business award
*August 2015: Caritas Clinic and the salon got a new look makeover
*October 2015: Got married
*March 2016: Honeymoon to New York and Mexico (the fist time that I had had more than one week off from the salon)
*July 2016: Launched the Arbonne range into the salon
*April 2017: 3 months pregnant, so was able to tell everyone
*August 2017: Closed the salon for my maternity leave
*September 2017: Became a mummy to Harry
*January 2018: Returned to work on a new part time rolling rota
*July 2018: After 9 years of being too hot in the salon at summer I finally decided it was time and brought a super duper Dyson fan
*March – July 2019: Lived upstairs and in total mess without a kitchen whilst we had our kitchen extension built
*June 2020: Celebrating 10th year anniversary and the fact that since the salon has been closed myself and Al have managed to survived living everyday together without one of us killing each other 😉

Of course I would have never imagined or could have anticipated that the salon would be currently closed by the government due to a virus that has affected the whole world, however it is, yet that doesn’t stop the celebrations to mark today or the 10th year raffle still going ahead.

As always I am eternally grateful to everyone that visits or recommends the salon, as without you, Effortless beauty wouldn’t be here. I couldn’t do it without the support, loyalty and love from both you and my family.
Moving forward I am hoping that I can re open in July, as planned, and that I can get back to doing the job that I love and see you all again very soon.

Lucy x