Beauty salon in Beeston, Nottingham


Hello to you my lovely clients, who over the years, many have you have become more than just clients but friends, so this is even harder to have to type…

It’s with an extremely heavy heart and after many tears being shed in the past week that I have made the extremely hard decision to close Effortless Beauty for the time being, which now with the announcement made by Boris Johnson last night has been enforced.

As the salon approaches turning 10 years old I’ve had my ups and downs within the salon and in my own personal life however I would and could have never imagined this happening.

Due to social distancing now being put into place , after much consideration I really do feel that I have no other choice than to close for now.

I am having to think of the safety of myself and my family as well as my duty to you, and caring about you, meaning that I am also wanting to protect you and your families at this very fast moving and turbulent time.

All future appointments are being kept in the diary and of course as soon as it is deemed safe for me to return to work I will be in touch with everyone to let you know I am returning.

Please keep checking in on Facebook, the salon website and looking out for emails (these may go into your junk box) for all updates from me.

I am very aware and understand that looking and feeling good is always needed to help lift our moods and destress, and now more then ever this is so important, so I am going to put together a few handy hints for you that you can be doing at home whilst you can’t come for any of your beauty treatments, keep an eye out for these, as I’m still working on them.

I’ll be keeping the salon phone switched on so if you have any questions or if you want to keep in touch then you know so please phone or text me.

Although Covid -19  is putting a halt to so much at the moment i am still going to carry on with my raffle.
This means that if you had an appointment booked in with me you will still get a ticket put into the draw, which will take place on June 1st 2020 to celebrate Effortless Beauty turning 10years old!

It’s goodbye, but just for now, so stay safe, take care and we shall see each other soon.

Thank you to each and everyone of you for all  continued support and understanding at this difficult time.