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This is going to be difficult time as we are all used to having our beauty treatments and regime and in this worrying and difficult  time looking and feeling good is  really important for our physical and mental health.

With this in mind I have tried to go through my beauty treatment price list and put together some hints and tips to maintain the up keep of your  treatments that you will have to miss at the moment, (this should also help with damage control for me to need to rectify when i see you again, he he)

You could consider buying home wax strips, hair removal cream, bleaching kits or try trimming the hair to help with hair removal or maintenance of hair growth.

If using removal cream/bleach follow the advice on the packet.
If using waxing kits/strips then apply the wax/strip with the way that the hair grows, try to support the skin by stretching as you then pull off the strip in the opposite way to the hair growth and  only go over the area once as you can remove the top layer of skin as well as the hair if go over the area again.
Always make sure you have clean skin and hands before doing any of the above methods and my waxing after care advice still applies to home waxing.

For facial areas you can trim the hair with a pair of small or even better nail scissors if you dont feel comfertable waxing the area yourself. I woiulod suggest refraining from being tempted to shave the hair on your face as this will make the hair re growth come back through blunt and can make it grow back darker.

Eyebrows: Using  a pencil place it along side your nose and anything from the pencil towards the middle of your nose remove, with the pencil again place it from the corner of your nostril diagonally to the corner of your outer eye and this is where your eyebrow should end.

It’s of course your own decision however I would advise against purchasing a home tinting kit and tinting your own eyelashes/eyebrows as you may be have an allergic reaction, tint your eyebrows too dark (no one wants 2 thick brown slugs on their face he he) and I would find even tinting my own lashes difficult as you need your eyes closed.
An eye brow pencil or even trying a eyeshadow in these difficult times will add some colour to your eyebrows, if needed, and you don’t have a wow brow product from the salon.

Apply hand cream regularly especially with all the extra hand washing and antibacterial gel we are now doing/using.
A foot cream can be applied to hands before going to bed for extra moisturizing.
To help keep cuticles pushed back, after a bath or shower dry your nail with your towel pushing the towel up and down your nail, this will In turn push your cuticles back and apply a cuticle oil or when using hand cream spend a little extra time to rub the cream in around the cuticles.

Keep the nails short and straight across to prevent in growing toe nails however try to not go to short, a good indication is placing your finger on the top of the nail and you should only just be able to feel the nail.
A good time to trim your nails is after a bath or shower as your nails will be softer after a soak in water.
If removing hard skin with a pumice stone or foot file soak the feet first then dry them and with a damp implement rub over the hard skin and remember to apply a foot cream/moisturizing product after.

I am taking this time to give my skin a break from my usual make up routine so I  am leaving my eye lashes with no mascara on them and applying little or no foundation depending on what I am doing.
It’s important if you currently have a routine, to still do your daily routine am and pm and to remember that weekly exfoliation using a facial exfoliater is really good for your skin, as is a face mask if you have one. Now is the time if you are not working/going out to give yourself a little pamper and time to treat your skin. Remember to drink plenty of water during the day and have a good nights sleep as your skin cells repair and rejuvenate over night whilst you are asleep.

Massage/ Holistic Treatments:
Stress levels and anxiety are going to be much higher than usual for most people at this worrying time.
Applying heat to your muscles especially before bed can help with musclar tension, half fill a hot water bottle and make sure you dont  trap any air init when apply the stopper and then whilst clothed, lay with the bottle under the area you are wanting to treat, try to distribute the heat evenly, so if for example you are applying to your shoulders do 5min on each side then repeat.

For shoulder/neck tension a front crawl exercise is really good, I am not very coordinated so have to do one arm at a time but you can do both together if you can.
Do nice big strokes both forwards and backwards.

A relaxing soak in the bath is also great for relaxing muscles.

Sleep is very important as our body and skin repairs and rejuvenates as we sleep, so having some wind down time before bed helps aid a good nights sleep so turn the TV/devices etc off a little, if you can,before going to sleep.
Try to do some exercises, for any length of time/ at any impact level and/or get some fresh air every day as this is also fantastic for your well being.

Please text or call me, as the salon phone is staying switched on, if you need any more information/advice from me.
Take care and stay safe.

Lucy x x x