Opening 12th April/Covid Policy and Procedures

I shall be re opening the salon for the first time since we entered 2021 and looking forward to seing everyone again, as of Monday 12th April.

Until I am informed by the Government that anything has changed then I shall be returning to work with the same Covid Policy and Procedures that were in place before.

As the health and saftey of you my clients and myself is of a high priority please see the Covid policy and procedures that have been introduced and put into place:

Things that you will need to do:

  • Please cancel your appointment if showing any signs of Covid-19 or have been around anyone showing signs/who has Covid-19
  • Arrive on time to your appointment
  • Come alone to your appointment (unfortunately no children are allowed to be brought with you)
  • Wait in the car park/your car for me to show you into the clinic
  • Wear a mask for entering the clinic and for the duration of your treatment (Please bring your own; I will be able to provide if you do forget)
  • You will still need to wear a mask for facial treatments, apart from if you are having a facial, massage to the face or a lip/chin wax
  • Please still arrive to the salon wearing your mask if you are booked in to have a facial, facial masage or lip/chin wax, however please bring your own sealable bag or container to place your mask in whilst your treatment is being performed
  • Use the hand sanitizer provided
  • Bring as little personal belongings into the clinic/treatment room
  • You will need to complete a covid-19 record card
  • No magazines will be available
  • No food to be consumed during treatments
  • NEW: I can now provide drinks, so there is NO need to bring your own water/refreshments any more
  • Payment will still be by cheque or cash: Your treatment cost will be sent along with your 48hr text message reminder  (Cheque, please write out before arriving, Cash please put the correct amount in an envelope or money bag with your name on it, no change will be given out)
  • There will be a £3 surcharge per booking to help towards covering the costing of additional PPE and extra time needed in between every appointment

 Things that I will be doing:

  • The salon room as well as the whole clinic will have had a thorough deep clean before re opening
  • I will be wearing a face visor/ face mask
  • 15 minutes will be given in between each client to allow for cleaning of the my couch, trolleys, chairs, door handles, the stair rails, washroom and for fresh air to circulate around the room
  • Couch roll will be doubled up to cover the whole couch which will be disposed of after each client
  • Hand sanitizer will be used before and after each treatment/client
  • Washing of my hands at the sink with anti bacterial soap as well as using the hand sanitizer
  • All individual products on my trolleys (where possible) now to be stored in sealable containers
  • NEW: A patch test for eye lash tinting/eyebrow tinting now needs to be re performed, even if you have been having tinting with me numerous times. This is something that MUST be done before you can have a tinting treatment with me again

  Things staying the same:

  • Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness
  • Sterilizing of tools in Barbicde
  • Individual nail file used per person for Manicure and Pedicures
  • Laundering of towels after being used per treatment
  • Using the Tea Tree hygienic wax system
  • Wearing gloves for intimate waxing
  • Washing of hands before and after each treatment
  • Sterilizing the foot bowls and foot files after pedicures (not using a whirlpool foot bowl)
  • If you need to cancel please allow 24hours notice