After my visit to the foot clinic at the end of last week I’m very pleased and excited to be able to finally inform everyone of when I am able to return to work and explain how my return shall work.
My first day back into the salon will be Wednesday 26th January 2022.

As always my rota for the whole of  the year can be found on here on the contact page or by clicking this link

For my return I have been advised to work shorter hours to start with and unfortunately, due to standing for too long, I will be unable to offer any 60 minute massages where I am on my feet throughout the whole treatment.
Thankfully apart from the above I will be able to offer all of my others treatments for my return to the salon.

The countdown is on, so set yourself a reminder…….

The salon phone and myself will be ready and waiting from 10am onwards on Wednesday 12th January to start taking bookings for my return.

Due to having to return on shorter hours and being off some days due to holiday (planned pre operation date) I have added some extra days into my rota to try to be able to accommodate as many bookings as possible into my diary.
Wednesday 26th
Thursday 27th
Friday 28th and Saturday 29th: CLOSED
Saturday 5th and Monday 7th: CLOSED
Wednesday 9th
Thursday 10th
Friday 11th
Saturday 12th
Wednesday 16th
Saturday 19th
Thursday 24th

If you would like to make your return appointment/s on Wednesday then please bear with me as I’m anticipating the phone to be extremely busy!
Remember when making your booking I will need to know what date and time you would like as well as which treatment/s you would like to book for, as well as your name (if your texting).
I would maybe advise, if possible, to call me opposed to texting me, to guarantee you secure your appointment request upon asking for certain dates and times, as I’m anticipating my diary to fill up fast.

I am very much looking forward to hearing from you and returning to the salon.